Second Trainer

Planning tools for horse trainers.

Why choose Second Trainer?

Reach your goals

Second Trainer is a very easy-to-use online tool that helps you with the planning on the way to the goal.

Follow your plan

Second Trainer gives a clear picture and reminds when the memory fails. Fall asleep safely - and allow the program to keep track of you!

See result

Second Trainer collects training history for each horse. How did we do? Use what worked before!

Become a good team


Do as Johan Untersteiner, Robert Bergh and Markus Pihlström and others:

Second Trainer saves a lot of time for me when it comes to training and administration. The well-thought-out logic makes the system easy for employees to understand, so the biggest benefit for me as a coach is that we have now minimized the human factor so that all elements and details be made as intended in advance .
Johan Untersteiner, A-coach at Halmstad
Second Trainer complements the training activities very well and I save many hours a week in administration. We have TV screens that show the program in all stables, for clear communication, plus that all staff have access to it via their phones.
Robert Bergh, A-coach at Åby
If I am not allowed to continue using Second Trainer in the future, I would most likely quit as a trainer. Jokes aside, but you feel so much more confident about what happens to the horses, even when you are traveling. Yes, you can even say I'm sleeping better since we started using this .
Markus Pihlström, A-coach at Bergsåker
Second Trainer is a so-called self-learning program, which gives a great peace of mind to a complex business. I probably never thought that the program would be such a good tool as it de facto has been when we started working with it a few years ago. But the logic holds all the way and because it is a dynamic system, it gets better and better the more the user works with it .
Marcus Lindgren, A-coach at Halmstad and involved in the development of the program

About the online tool

Optimal for training

Second Trainer is a professional online tool for you who train horses, which applies in all disciplines, preferably trotting and galloping, but also in equestrian sports.

Your assistant

Second Trainer is easy to handle, both time and cost efficient. The tool helps you keep track of all training schedules, treatments, journals, equipment, competitions, etc. in an extremely simple way.

100% digital

Second Trainer is 100% digital and mobile, which means you can upload and change the schedule wherever you are. Your staff or partners see any changes at once.

Quick & easy

Second Trainer provides fast and clear communication, down to the level of detail you choose, via ipad and / or iphone / smart phone - or with advantage on the big screen in the stable as a substitute for the traditional whiteboards.

Lots of features

Second Trainer also has functions for reminders / warning flags to avoid missing out on, for example, treatments, vaccinations and / or competition registrations.

Personal service

We who work with the Second Trainer program offer you personal service to start up the dynamic, self-learning tool. There are no problems - we help you get started quickly and easily!