GDPR - Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to our members who use the Second Trainer tool. The person responsible for personal data who collects data about the members' activities is EDS Equo Digitech Solutions Aktiebolag, corporate identity number 559026-3983.

Personal information is information that identifies you or can be used to identify or contact you. Such personal information may include your name, address, telephone number, email address and / or date of birth.

We collect information from you when you subscribe to our products in order to provide the product correctly. We use the information to tailor the service to the member's activities.

We collect the information via, for example, customer support or questionnaires. The legal basis for such processing of data is our legitimate interests in tailoring the content of our services for optimal customer experience.

We also use your name and email address to send you an order confirmation, invoice or otherwise process your order as a customer.

If you as a customer contact customer service, we will communicate with you with answers to your questions, to provide the services you request, and to manage your subscription. We will communicate with you by email or phone in accordance with your wishes.

Your rights

You have the right to request correction of incorrect personal data.

You have the right to delete personal data without undue delay in certain circumstances, for example if your personal data is no longer needed for the purposes for which they were collected.

You have the right to limit the processing of your personal data in certain circumstances, for example if you believe that the personal data we process about you is incorrect or illegal.

You have the right to object if we use your information for your own interests and marketing purposes without your consent.

Contact the data protection officer at our customer support if you have questions about our privacy and personal data policy.