About us

Second Trainer was developed in 2018 as a digital work tool for horse trainers, this through a collaboration between several active and former trotting trainers.

  • The founder Marcus Lindgren has been working as a trotting trainer for 15 years, but has a past as a business developer for trotting and gaming-related Internet services.

During October 2018, Second Trainer version 1.0 was put into use at the Marlin Cheval stable in Halmstad and the program has since been further developed month by month. Since the fall of 2020, the system has had about twenty trotting stables running as test pilots and has grown with the word-of-mouth method until the summer of 2023, when we have doubled the number of stables.

-- The idea was not from the beginning to make this a public service, but I believe that my life as a trotting trainer has become so much easier and nicer after applying Second Trainer that we simply could not keep this to ourselves. Everyone who trains horses must get a chance to sleep better, laughs Marcus. This service offers enormous advantages that you just have to try, says Lindgren.

Second Trainer is a registered subsidiary of EDS Equo Digitech Solutions AB, which is an association of a number of industry players who develop digital products for equestrian sports. The founder's name is Marcus Lindgren and is a trotting trainer, but the company's owner list also includes names such as Erik Bergkvist at LinkedIn, Mattias Lindeberg at Emin Svenska AB and Stefan Berggren at listed ESMG AB.

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